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Sometimes you’re on a hot streak, and that next big win is so close you can almost taste it.

Well, now you can.

Hit a jackpot of $200 or more and you can take home a box of Russell Stover (1 ticket) or See’s (2 tickets) gourmet candies. If the box makes it all the way home, that is. With slots as loose as ours, you might be better off winning more than one box. Just so you don’t have to go home with an empty box and chocolate on your breath.

El Cortez slots are 42% looser than the Las Vegas Strip, 35% looser than the Clark County Average.

*Statistics certified by CDC Gaming Reports for the 12 months ending December 30, 2014. See details at casino cage. Players winning a $200+ jackpot on a slot machine, a $200+ jackpot on a video poker five cent or lower denomination machine, a $300+ jackpot on a video poker ten cent or higher denomination machine, or a $200+ jackpot on live keno will be awarded a prize ticket. While supplies last. Management reserves all rights.