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4 Affordable Beach Destination Vacations


Beach vacations are something that everyone looks forward to, especially in the summers. With the warmth of the sun on your back and the coolness of the waters, there is nothing better than this. If you are really looking forward to going to a beach destination for your next vacation, then you might want to consider a few options that will provide you with the most affordable beach destination vacation out of the lot. Here are the options:

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon beach is located at a 90 minute drive from Portland and is very affordable. The best part about this beach is that, along with enjoying the water, you also have the option of hiking in the Emerald Forest and visiting the nearby fishing community in the Bay City where you will be able to munch on the Kumamoto oysters. The hard packed sand on the beach is a great place for a casual stroll with a loved one at sunset. You can also enjoy amazing desserts at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum beach is located south of Cancun, and is about an hour’s drive from there. The location was very popular back in the ‘70s and the ‘80s. The town of Tulum is greatly known for the Mayan ruins and you can enjoy beachfront views at most of the accommodations. For food, you can visit Charlie’s which is a very affordable Mexican restaurant located on Main Street.

Placencia, Belize

Placencia is located in Stan Creek District on the southern tip of the peninsula. Once you have spent a lot of time on the beach and want to try out something else, you might want to indulge yourself in a half day kayak trip on the Monkey River. While there, you might be able to spot a few howler monkeys, crocodiles, and manatees. De’Tatch Seafood Beach Bar is a popular restaurant there located on the beachfront. You can indulge in the delicious fish tacos and shrimp burritos there.

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Morro de Sao Paulo will offer you four amazing sublime beaches. The first beach consists of inns that host the international surfing community. The second beach hosts amazing parties that go on till sunrise. The fourth beach offers peace and quiet to vacationers with amazing opportunities to snorkel. The fourth beach is where you would want your accommodation to be so that you can enjoy the calm and sleep peacefully after partying all night.

These four beach destinations are highly affordable and will definitely make your trip highly memorable. Whether you are going with your family or friends, you should know that these beaches would be great destinations for bonding and spending quality time with whoever you are taking along. A beach vacation is something everyone looks forward to, and if you have been searching for a perfect location which is highly affordable, then the four options above are definitely your best bet. Enjoy at reasonable expense!