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Attractions of the Casino City – What Draws Tourists to Downtown Vegas

People come to Vegas, not just in search of a little love, but also a whole lotta ‘luck’. There is a reason they call it the ‘Capital of Second Chances’. But mind you, your second chance may not be in the most flashy and noisiest part of the party town. It may be hidden in the relatively shabby downtown – the home of the best casinos in town.

Despite being the less glamorous part of town, the downtown is still glimmering in more lights than your hometown. It has more attractions than all the ‘Disneylands’ combined. Okay, so before we make sound like the promised paradise, let’s just cut to the countdown of attractions that make downtown worth a visit.

Downtown Casinos

You don’t have to be James Bond to visit one of the downtown casinos. The famous Fremont Street is lined with small casinos, some of them operating for more than hundred years. Unlike their fancier uptown counterparts, these casinos also serve specialties you can actually afford. On this note, don’t forget the Spicy Shrimp Cocktail at the Golden Gate Casino.

Fremont Street Experience

Before there was the Strip, there was the Fremont Street – the entertainment backbone of the downtown Vegas. The western end hosts some of the most memorable light and music shows in town. You can’t afford to miss laser light shows that brighten the sky every evening. Not to mention, there is always a free music concert you can enjoy.

Fremont East District

This is where the mainstream pop and rock scene of the sin city slowly swoops into dreamy jazz and blues. A perfect place to visit after a heart-break or a hangover. With Piano lounges to comedy clubs, you will find the finest gems of classic entertainment. Don’t forget to try something new at the Cocktail Room.

A visit to Downtown is the perfect experience to learn how Vegas is not just about its startling lights, loud music, hot girls, and the frequency of accidental weddings.