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El Cortez is the only downtown casino featuring MegaKeno. MegaKeno is a Keno add-on featuring 5 to 9 spot progressives for new ways to win.


Ask about our $1.50 wager. Mark your ticket “MK” to qualify.






This casino participates in MegaKeno, the statewide “Live Keno” progressive link. MegaKeno links multiple progressive jackpots among participating casinos.

To participate in MegaKeno, please mark “MK” on your Keno ticket. Tickets not marked with “MK” will not be considered MegaKeno tickets and will not be eligible for the MegaKeno Progressive Jackpots.

Please check your ticket! Your computer-generated ticket must have “MegaKeno” printed next to each participating wager to be eligible for the MegaKeno Progressive Jackpot. Ticket errors must be corrected before the next draw.

The pay schedule and “Start At” amounts for MegaKeno are printed on the reverse side of this poster. Winnings are calculated for the races played based on the verified draw at the casino and game in which the wager was placed. The original computer-generated ticket must be presented at the issuing casino to collect winnings. Non-progressive payouts may vary by casino.

When a MegaKeno Jackpot hits, the meter for that spot Jackpot reverts to the new Jackpot amount. At this time, any hit for the same spot Jackpot is paid at the new progressive amount.

All rules, regulations and limits of the casino at which the wager was placed apply. The casino’s aggregate limits apply only to the “Start At” portion of a MegaKeno hit.

In the event of multiple MegaKeno hit on the same Jackpot, only the portion of the Jackpot above the “Start At” amount is split between the winners. Each winner receives a full “Start At” amount, subject to aggregate rules. Please consult a Keno employee for additional details.

This promotion may be modified or canceled at any time without prior notice. Keno Department employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to play MegaKeno at the casino in which they are employed. XpertX personnel and their immediate family members are not eligible to play MegaKeno.

Any circumstance that alters fair draw odds or equipment malfunction may invalidate the game results. In case of a dispute, the decisions of the Nevada Gaming Control Board are final.