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Why Las Vegas has become the Ultimate Wedding Destination?

Couples from all over the world often spontaneously tie the knot in Las Vegas on a whim or plan on purpose to have a Las Vegas wedding. Las Vegas has seen a growth of wedding chapels sprouting up in recent years with couples rushing to the altar with an Elvis Presley impersonator serenading them.

Why this fascination for marrying in Las Vegas though? Here are five reasons that shed light on why Las Vegas is a favored wedding destination for couples:

1.    Convenient

You are in Las Vegas with the person you love so why not go all the way in and get hitched. For couples, a vacation in Las Vegas serves as the perfect opportunity to get married to the love of your life. Marrying in Las Vegas is cheap as well, which means that couples not wanting to spend tons of money on a wedding can get married there for cheap. In the end, all that counts is love and not how expensive the wedding was.

2.    Less Stress

Arranging a wedding can take a toll on the bride. Usually, the bride turns into “Bridezilla,” machine guns blazing at everyone around her. To avoid the unnecessary stress, couples decide to get married in Las Vegas where they do not have to worry about rehearsal dinners, cake, dress, and guests. The bride and groom can choose from the many tuxes and wedding dresses provided by the wedding chapel.

3.    Wedding + Honeymoon

If you decide to get married in Las Vegas, you do not have to go far to celebrate your honeymoon. Las Vegas is the perfect place to go for your honeymoon. No need to travel anywhere else. You can enjoy roaming downtown Las Vegas hand in hand with your significant other. A two in one deal is cost-effective and you will have tons of fun.

4.    Drive thru Wedding Ceremony

Leave it to Vegas to come up with the most insane ideas to get married. You can find places in downtown Las Vegas that offer couples with this unique option. Doing a drive-through wedding as you place an order for burgers and fries will be the highlight of your stay in vacation. It would certainly make for a memorable wedding that your friends and loved ones will talk about for years on. Plus, your future children will be thrilled to listen to how their parents got married.

5.    Themed Wedding

If you want a themed wedding, Las Vegas can provide you with your dream theme wedding. You can have an Elvis Presley, Star Trek, gondola, and pirate wedding. It doesn’t take long to arrange a themed wedding either.

Couples heading to downtown Las Vegas can choose from a variety of wedding chapels. If you both think that you are so much in love that you both are willing to get married, head to Las Vegas.