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Play Downtown, Stay Downtown.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

El Cortez Hotel and Casino is the longest continuously-running casino in Las Vegas. Located off the strip in the historic Downtown area, El Cortez is the authentic Vegas experience that you have been craving.

El Cortez first opened its doors downtown in 1941, and was so successful that it attracted the attention of Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky, who bought the property. In 1963 it went from one ‘family’ to another, when Vegas icon Jackie Gaughan bought El Cortez, and he has kept it in his family ever since. Jackie still lives at El Cortez, and you’ll often see him in the poker room (careful, he’s merciless at the table once he knows your tells).

There’s two ways to experience Vegas. There’s the classic Vegas of the Rat Pack and Fremont, and there’s the new Vegas of the Strip. When you stay at El Cortez, you get the best of both worlds. You get the amenities and first-class treatment of the Vegas from the brochures, but you also get the authenticity of a true Downtown experience. Because you can try to copy our style, but you can’t copy our history.

Downtown Las Vegas is the Vegas experience you’ve been waiting for. Excitement, adventure, and entertainment all come together at El Cortez Hotel & Casino. We offer an array of suites and rooms that fit your style… and ours.