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Sightseeing with the Kids in Las Vegas

Are you planning to the hit the city of Las Vegas with your kids? Although your kids must be excited, but you and your wife must be concerned about where to take the kids once you reach the city. Fear not, Las Vegas is not just a grown-up destination anymore. The city isn’t filled with just casinos and nightclubs, but children can also get their share of enjoyment. In fact, your children can visit numerous exciting places in Las Vegas. Following are the places you must take your children to when you finally arrive in Las Vegas:

Fremont Street Experience

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, you cannot miss seeing the Fremont Street Experience. You and your family will enjoy an array of activities hosted there between sunset and midnight. Your children will be overjoyed when they view the daily show that consists of lights, video, graphics, and music. Numerous people from all walks of life come to witness the spectacular show that takes place there. Festive onlookers taking immense pleasure in watching the show will occupy the street during those hours. Go a little bit early so you and your family can get a good spot to stand and see.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Are your kids interested in knowing more about dinosaurs, mummies, and fishes? If they show a keen interest in visiting the prehistoric times or ancient ruins of Egypt, a visit to the Las Vegas Natural Museum will be the highlight of their trip. Even if your kids do not like museums, a little knowledge about historical times will not hurt anyone. In addition, the museum offers a travelling exhibit that takes back visitors to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Children and adults alike can enjoy the science exhibit and the marine exhibit where their large tank hosts stingrays and sharks.

Smith Center for the Performing Arts

Families with teenagers interested in viewing live Broadway shows can book or purchase their tickets from the Smith Center for Performing Arts. The center offers the latest and the most sought out shows. Prior to going to Las Vegas, they can look up shows that will be playing during their stay. If your family is an avid lover of the performing arts, they can plan their trip in accordance with the dates of the show.

Downtown Container Park

At the Downtown Container Park, there is something to do for everyone. Visitors have a lot to choose from when they visit the park. The park has everything from shopping malls to food outlets and even a water slide for children. The whole family will have a tiring yet fun time visiting all the places in and around the park.

Discovery Children’s Museum

Young children can experience entertaining and educational programs such as art and culture, science, and interactive exhibits. This will be an informative and enjoyable outing for your entire family.

Your children will always remember this trip to Las Vegas with you rejoicing the time you spend with your kids visiting all these magnificent places.