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Viva Las Vegas: The History of Elvis in Vegas

A Star is born

Elvis Presley, the King of rock & roll was born on January 8, 1935, in a small town in Mississippi called Tupelo. His music career began in Memphis, Tennessee in 1954. His first single “Heart Break Hotel” took the whole nation by storm and was number one on the music charts. He went onto release many chart toppers throughout his illustrious career.

Elvis goes to Vegas

Elvis first performed in Vegas on May 9, 1956, at the New Frontier Hotel, the nation was falling in love with a new heartthrob after the release of his first single and Vegas was the perfect stage for him to shine. In 1964 Elvis starred in the movie whose name has turned into the most famous phrase associated with Vegas called “Viva Las Vegas”. While Vegas loved Elvis, he adored Las Vegas as well choosing to get married there at the Aladdin Hotel in 1967.

Elvis Returns

Elvis came back to perform in Vegas 13 years after his first performance. Now a Bona fide star he was booked to play 57 shows in the International Hotel. After this engagement Elvis went to have a string of many successful performances in Las Vegas till 1976, a year before he tragically died in Graceland. Every time he took the Vegas stage he broke previous attendance records, records that were made by him in the first place.

Never Left the Building

Elvis is still the most revered star in Vegas, with more Elvis impersonators than any other star. The famous hairdo and the sideburns are one of the most sold souvenirs in Las Vegas. In a way Elvis still exists in Vegas everywhere you turn, like he came into Vegas but never left. His music and his legacy are kept alive by entertainers of today and his spirit still remains in Vegas.