No two players are alike. So why offer only one giveaway? This March we have two options for you.

Hit a jackpot of $200 or more*, and you’ll have a choice. You can get a free bottle of Mondavi wine, so you can savor the taste of victory with a little vino. Or, you can win between $10 and $1000 in free play. Best of all, with our wide variety of looser-than-the-Strip slots, you may just end up getting both. For complete details, visit Club Cortez.

We always have the newest and most popular slots, so come in and take part in the frenzy.


*Statistics certified by CDC Gaming Reports for the 12 months ending December 31st, 2013. See details at casino cage. Players winning a $200+ jackpot on a slot machine, a $200+ jackpot on a video poker five cent or lower denomination machine, a $300+ jackpot on a video poker ten cent or higher denomination machine, or a $200+ jackpot on live keno will be awarded a prize ticket. While supplies last. Management reserves all rights.