El Cortez Hotel & Casino makes every effort to be accessible for all visitors. See below for the accessible features of the property. Please contact us with any questions or to clarify any of the features listed.


Multiple entrances

  • Three are accessible via automatic door opener or button assist
    • Entrance on 6th Street near Fremont – automatic opener
    • Back entrance on Ogden – automatic opener
    • Back entrance on the side – push button – double set of doors
  • Ramp leading to back entrance and elevator access to garage.
  • Valet entrance
    • Side walk ramps from the street to valet. No curbing in the valet area.
    • Flat entrance leading from the valet are into the casino.
    • Installed additional signage for accessible parking and added van access aisles parking spaces to both parking garages.
  • Casino
    • Hotel Registration has an accessible station
    • Siegel’s Restaurant has five accessible tables
    • Parlour Bar has an accessible station equipped with a gaming machine
    • Lobby Bar has an accessible station equipped with a gaming machine
    • Player’s Club has an accessible station
    • Installed new accessibility signage at the proper height with tactile features at the latch side of the doors where required in public restrooms.
    • Casino Cage has an accessible station
    • Public restrooms contain accessible features throughout


Cabana Suites Accessible Rooms – Located across Ogden Avenue

  • The crosswalk has a ramp on both sides of the street
  • All accessible rooms are available on the first floor
    • Roll in shower with grab bars
    • Shower chair attached to the wall
    • Adjustable shower head attached to the bar or able to remove for a handheld unit.
    • Bathroom counter is accessible, new door handles installed
    • Toilet has the grab bars on the side and behind the toilet
    • Double size bed
    • The closet has the lowered bar for hanging clothes
    • Accessible rooms provide proper lavatory knee and toe clearances and restroom toilet flush control are located on the open side

Tower Accessible Rooms

  • All accessible rooms can be accessed via accessible elevator
  • Located near the gift shop and back entrance
    • Peep hole is lowered, hairdryer, towel rods, coat hooks and other amenities are accessible.
    • Light switch, thermostat and closet bar are all lowered
    • Bed is lowered for easier access
    • Some bathrooms have the tub with the detachable shower chair or the roll-in shower
    • Adjustable shower head is attached to bar or able to remove for a handheld unit.
    • Sinks are wheelchair accessible
    • Bathtubs – two of grab bars on the side, one at each end of the shower
    • Roll-in shower- one grab bar in the front and on the side.


  • Valet parking with direct access directly to the ground level of the property
  • Pathways to the Tower elevators are accessible
  • Multiple property access points at ground level
  • Fiesta Room (banquet area) is fully accessible
  • Restrooms throughout ground level have accessibility features
  • NV Spa area is accessible by way of the Tower elevators
  • Siegel’s 1941 has non-restricted access
  • Hotel registration is accessible from ground level without restriction
  • Accessible route exists from registration desk to main lobby restroom
  • Accessible route exists from public entrance to accessible guestrooms
  • Accessible route exists from registration desk to accessible guestrooms
  • Restaurants contain accessible seating and pathways to restrooms
  • Accessible route exists from public entrance to restaurants
  • Accessible route from public entrance to Fiesta Room
  • Accessible fitness center
  • Accessible routes exist to fitness center
  • Accessible self-parking area for cars and vans with ample access aisles
  • Braille and tactile signage is provided for permanent rooms and spaces
  • Hotel employees will read menus and other printed/visual information to guests who are blind/low vision upon request
  • Accessible route from Casino to accessible guestrooms

Last updated on February 7, 2020