How to Gamble in Las Vegas on a Budget

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, you need to curb your enthusiasm and make a budget. Why? Las Vegas, the most sought after gambling destination in the world gets tons of visitors from around the world, and many of them go back home with empty pockets. Although it is fun, but losing control of your spending in Vegas can cost you a lot of money. However, with a little budgeting, you can prioritize your expenses and have a great time nonetheless.

Check out these tips if you want to have a great time in Vegas without having to shell out too much dough:


If you plan on traveling to Las Vegas, you probably will be on the lookout for delicious places to eat. As you are visiting Las Vegas on a budget, you may want to go to eateries that will not cost you a fortune. Here are three eateries that you can visit in Las Vegas:

  • Le Thai – Are you in the mood for Crab Rangoon, Drunken Noodles with Prawns, and Matsaman Curry with Chicken? Le Thai offers mouthwatering Thai food to entice your taste buds.
  • Los Tacos – ¡Ay, caramba! Spicy Mexican food is waiting for you at Los Tacos. If you like flavorsome food made with unique blends of Mexican sauces, you will regret not eating here.
  • Cafe Cortez – Large groups of people should visit this restaurant in the morning hours when it is open for breakfast. They have a huge collection of appetizing items on their menu.


Las Vegas is filled with bar where locals and visitors can gather to share a drink, reminisce old memories, and enjoy the music played in the background. Here are following bars that you just can’t afford to miss out on in Vegas:

  • Beauty Bar – If you like listening to indie tunes, classic rock, and oldies, you will enjoy what Beauty Bar offers. The music, service, and drinks at affordable prices play an important role of why this bar is popular.
  • Downtown Cocktail Room – People who prefer listening to the DJ spin some killer tunes would like this bar. Drinks there are not bad either. Be sure to try Pumpkin Spice and Orthodox Caveman when there.
  • Parlour Bar – Do you like karaoke or singing live in front of a crowd? If you do, you may want to visit the Parlour Bar on a Saturday night. While enjoying a good drink at the bar, you may run into an Elvis impersonator as well.


El Cortez Hotel and Casino is a two in one option that offers rooms and a gaming area for gamblers. The hotel was once owned by renowned mobster Bugsy Siegel and each year attracts a multitude of people. In addition, you will feel comfortable living in the hotel rooms, as they are equipped with Wi-Fi, TVs, coffeemakers, and other amenities.


If you want to catch a Broadway show in Downtown Las Vegas, purchase tickets from Tix4Tonight located in the Downtown as well as the Strip. Tix4Tonight will provide you with low-priced tickets so you can enjoy the show without having to worry about how much it is costing you to watch. If you love watching live performances, you definitely have to go watch a Broadway show.

Now, you can gamble and enjoy free drinks, watch awesome shows, go clubbing, and all at a reasonable price. Even families can stay in Downtown Las Vegas and enjoy seeing the sites at an affordable price. During the night, parents can go gambling, while the children can take advantage of the hotel’s many offerings.