What to Take to Las Vegas – Update Your Packing Checklist!

Whether it’s your first time packing your bags or you’re a regular traveler, we’ve often had those oh-I-wish-I-had-packed-that moments. Especially for place like Vegas where no day is same and there’s something new to experience at every corner, it is important that you are ready for every adventure of the Strip.

Your packing list for your next Vegas trip will largely depend on the activities you are interested in and your duration of stay, but there are some basics everybody must carry.


It goes without saying. While in Vegas, you can need money for anything from cabs to gambling, or from shopping to bail.


And according to the weather. Most nightclubs in Vegas have a strict dress code policy. For ladies, pack your favorite heels, flattering dresses and complimenting jacket. Men should bring pants and T-shirts for clubs and gambling. Carry a light sweater or pashmina as evenings can get chilly. The walk from the Strip to downtown is a long one – a pair of comfy shoes would be good.


If you plan to soak yourself in the sun, bring bathing suits, hats and towels. Bring tunics and t-shirts – you can use them as cover ups for causal trips in the evening. Do not forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and flip flops!


Pack travel size toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shaving gel and razors. Other useful items could be makeup removers, sanitizers, and stain removers.


Pack a week’s worth of underwear, half a dozen pair of socks and pajamas and t-shirts for sleeping.


It is a must to capture all those fun moments for your wall art (or maybe to remind you what happened the previous night).


You are going to need these to combat the hangover and keep the party going!


Phone/laptop charger

Traveling iron

Curling iron/hair dryer

Travel size cosmetics

Government issued ID 

And maybe a wedding ring!